The Quest

Log 2 & 3 - Westown and Down

The Sheppard’s Inn

The party awoke in the Sheppard’s Inn and gathered in the common room to plan their next move. After deciding it was in their best interests to travel together, they sought useful information so that they could recover what was taken from them by the bandits.

The party makes the acquaintance of Sophie, the innkeep’s daughter. She informs them that the bandit attacks have had the effect of creating food shortages within town, particularly the more populous and impoverished Westown.

A group of fishermen and dock workers in the common room spending their time drinking early in the morning catch the party’s attention. Their de-facto leader, a man only known as Rosy-cheeks, gives more information about the plight of the town and particular those of his profession, as Berywn, Constable and the Captain of the Guard, has restricted the use of all boats on penalty of death, so as to deny them to the bandits. Edward earned the respect of Rosy-cheeks.

Lastly, the party encountered an old man covered in the dust of the road, sitting by himself and watching the party’s exchanges with the other people in the common room closely. Ronnag approached the man, who introduced himself as Tom, a traveler stuck in Pont Rivière because of the bandit attacks. Tom mysteriously mentioned that the party would find help in their efforts within the town, with particular emphasis given to Aeneas. Tom mentions that the bandits are based out of a nearby keep, positioned atop a hill on the opposite side of the river, that goes by a number of names: Ironwolf Keep, the Shadowed Keep, or Valentin’s Folly.

Pont Rivière

Upon exiting the inn, the party encountered Endil, a Sargent of the guard, training a group of militia. Endil reveals himself to be the guard who let the party enter the village after dark the night before. He writes a hasty note to his immediate superior, seals it with wax, and requests that they meet with her. The party agrees, but on the way to meet her Joruus breaks the seal and reads the note. It recommended that the Lieutenant covertly employ the services of the group once she judged them herself. Joruus used magic to repair the seal and the party continued onward.

By the river they met Gabrielle, the guard lieutenant who has been given the difficult task of defending and policing this side of the river. She greeted the party after reading the note, but looked at Joruus with suspicion upon seeing the seal. After talking to the group, she agreed to a mutually beneficial relationship: they would raid a bandit camp to the south of Westown in exchange for her allowing them passage across the bridge into Eastown, a direct violation of the order of the guard captain. She tells them that the bandits have been using the camp as a staging area to ferry men and loot across the river using several small boats and a longboat. If the boats were seized or destoryed, the capabilities of the bandits to harass Westown would be greatly reduced.

The Raid

After much planning, the group decided to enlist the help of Sophie as bait, with Agnes posing as a woman trying to sell the young girl to the bandits along with some bread. Unknown to the bandits, inside Agnes’ basket of bread was her trusty crossbow. Edward also convinced Rosy-cheeks to gather as many men as possible to help secure the boats.

Rather than stealing or destroying the boats before the bandits were the wiser, the camp turned into a frantic battlefield. Agnes shot senior bandit in the gut with her crossbow, and Sophie fled as the battle begun. The fighting was fierce indeed. Ronnag, Joruus, and Aeneas leapt into the fray greatly outnumbered, taking the brunt of the bandit counterattack. Edward and the fisherman managed to mostly avoid the attention of the bandits, with the noticeable exception of two bandits who were killed by a single harpoon throw from Edward. Agnes fought savagely, isolated from the rest of the group, only to be saved by a brick thrown from the darkness which struck an attacking bandit in the head.

Of the 13 bandits, 9 were killed, 3 fled, and 1 was captured (the bandit sergeant who had been gut-shot to start the fight). The party seized 1 longboat, 4 rowboats, and a fair stockpile of loot and supplies. The raid was an overwhelming success!


Tom the Wizard you mean…

Log 2 & 3 - Westown and Down
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