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Welcome to the reference page to our new campaign, which I am tentatively calling “The Quest” until we get the ball rolling. Hopefully with a little work from all of us, this will prove to be a useful resource for us to utilize. Can’t remember if Elin is that roguish minstrel or the Elvin princess? We have a wiki for that! Need a refresher on what happened last time? The adventure log should give a nice brief synopsis for you to use. If we like using this enough we can throw money at them to get other nifty features. We’ll see.

Things are bare-bones for now, but feel free to head over to the character section to fill-out your character (don’t spoil anyone with secrets or anything, of course).

Useful Links

Feats of Strength – Things that happened when the big 20 came up.


Tidbits of backstory on Ronnag, the Steelseer of Redspire
Fragment 1
Fragment 2
Fragment 3

The Quest

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